The Environmental 12

the 416-0 Ride

If you have been following this adventure, you know that 416 is a special number... it is the current CO2 concentration in parts per million in the atmosphere today.
That's a lot more than the pre-industrial level and there is really little room to add more if we want the next generations to be able to enjoy this planet the way we have been able to.
This month I'm going to highlight 416 with a ride that is about elevation. Of course, a ride with 416 meters of elevation gain is not really a challenge. So instead, I will do a deca 416... 4160m elevation gain around my home base of Neuch√Ętel.
The first 60km, we'll be climbing the infamous Chasseral and Vue des Alpes. The remaining 150km will be pure survival, hoping from valley to valley until we get to log 4160m. Fun for sure!

and we did it!

We completed the 4160m elevation gain challenge. "We," as my friends Christophe and Lionel joined the fun.

We started at 4am on Sunday June 6 and rode the course shown on the map. Nearly 10 climbs, including Chasseral, la Vue des Alpes and the Cold des Etroits. A brilliant day with excellent weather conditions and practically no traffic. To anyone interested in completing a challenging climbing day in a incredibly picturesque setting, this one is for you! I would not suggest riding up Chasseral after dawn though, particularly on a Sunday, as traffic can be bad.

From the effort standpoint, I am really happy with the outcome. We covered the 200 odd kilometers in about 10.5 hours riding and 12 hours from start to finish. And while managing to keep the breaks short, we still maintained a fairly consistent average across the the entire day.

Many thanks to Lionel for sticking with me all day and to Christophe for pacing us the first half. Hope to get something similar done again soon!