The Environmental 12
january 2020

What we emit when we commute

I live in canton Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Just in my canton, commuters emit 360 tons of CO2 daily.
This month, I'm going to get out there and ride 360km in one day, the amount burnt by the local residents 
I'll do it by packing 31 days of an average daily commute into one day.
Manuel announces the January ride
Here is some context on the climate change issue behind the ride

and we did it! The ride took place on January 21st

Manuel Lonfat

More to come in the next few days here and in videos. I completed the 360km yesterday by completing 31 repetitions of a segment from Neuchâtel to Boudry and back. Think of it as an average commute distance for people around here.

Now about the ride. Conditions were just about insane. I started at midnight and rode until 6am. Temperatures went sub-zero for a bit. Other than that, it was a great night of riding with almost nobody out there

Things turned rather ugly in the morning.  First, the wind picked up and it only got stronger through the day. Then may an hour into the morning ride, it started raining. And it didn't stop until I got to the end of the 360km.

It took me about 23 hours, but 14.5 of riding. I took some solid breaks between some solid ride segments. I made sure to ride quite slowly from the beginning and maintained the pace pretty much the entire time. My average speed remained close to 25km/h the entire time.

Other than the normal pains (neck a bit sore, knees somewhat in pain with some inflammation), feeling pretty good. A miracle really, given how out of shape I am. A lot of work to do until the upcoming February challenge, which I will announce on February 1st.