The Environmental 12

THE 416 ride

The current CO2 concentration in the atmosphere is 416 parts per million (ppm). This month, I'm going to ride 416km (1 km per ppm) to mark this incredible number, which used to stand at 240 before we started injecting CO2 in the atmosphere 200 years ago.
Manuel announces the March challenge

Unfortunately, this one ended as a DNQFY (Did Not Quite Finish Yet)... I underestimated the overnight weather and did not quite take the right gears. After 10 hours of non-stop rain in pretty cold weather, I had to pull the plug to avoid getting really sick.
That was 240km into the ride. Funny how it goes, I meant to ride 1km for each unit of concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere (416ppm), and ended up being stopped by the climate at 240km (and 240ppm was the concentration at the start of the industrial revolution.
Definitely a lot less!!